the sky i wish to share with you     好想和妳分享的天空

ISBN 978-981-08-3356-5 | English & Chinese | 128pp. | smyth sewn bind | book block | 210 × 148 × 15 mm | 500 signed copies

the sky i wish to share with you is a collection of artwork, in the form of a series of postcards, installations and video resulting from han’s unrequited longing. scenes of encounters shot by the artist, sometimes accompanied with notes, served as a way to share moments which the artist could not bring to his loved one. as interplays of real and simulated sites conjure up familiar cinematic states, this project begins his response to the speed of contemporary society; a mediation of his need for nostalgic emotional experiences. the sky i wish to share with you artist proof book was featured in the Singapore International Photography Festival at Gallery 2902 in Oct 2008

好想和妳分享的天空是以一系列明信片,裝飾藝術和一部短片所結合的藝術創 作。作品述說著晗一段無法釋懷的感情,一幕幕的生活經歷,一字字的感觸,藝術家以作品分享自己把無法與“她”共度的時光,彌補心靈的缺憾。於是,真實與虛 幻的情景交錯,召喚了電影般的熟悉情節。晗反發現了自己在快速的時代步伐中,不自覺地放慢腳步,緬懷過去。


documentary photography of the artist by Vanessa Ban & Kelvin Soh



book launch & postcard workshop

september 9th 2009, 8pm | Polymath & Crust - 86 club street
september 12th 2009, 3pm | 苏格拉底猫 Cat Socrates - 03-39b bras basah complex

新加坡 Singapore

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陳海晗哀悼愛情 - 賴彥志,我報, 2009年8月31日

selected broadcast / online mention

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新加坡 Singapore

Cat Socrates, Singapore philatelic museum

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大將書行 Mentor Culture & Valentine Willie Fine Art

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